8 Top Travel Tips…

We’ve put together a selection of top travel tips to take the stress away before you travel.

Check your passport is in date.

It may sound simple but often a common mistake. Always check a couple of months in advance that your passport date has not expired. To check regulations for the country you are visiting, go to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office website.

Check you have the essential documents for your trip

Whether this is entry visas, a driving licence, your boarding pass or hotel confirmations, always check you have what you need before you travel.

Ensure you know your luggage allowances

Weigh your luggage before your trip to avoid any unnecessary problems at the check-in desk. If you decide you are going to need to take extra luggage, pre book it in online in advance.

Take out travel insurance and get an EHIC if you are going to Europe

Making sure you have an in-date European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) will ensure that if you were to get ill while you were away, you would be entitled to either free or subsidised health care. The EHIC is free to apply for. While it is important to have an EHIC, you will still need travel insurance for any other medical issues, lost or stolen baggage and delayed flights.

Travel Money

Organise your travel money before your trip so you can find the cheapest rate.

Tell your bank before you go abroad

It is important that you contact your bank to let them know that you are going abroad and that you may use your credit or debit card while you are away. This is because any sudden overseas actvitiy can cause them to become suspicious without your warning.

Car Hire

It is always best to book your car online before you set off.  Costs can vary hugely depending on the model you go for and where you’re travelling.

Avoid high mobile phone bills

Don’t forget to turn off your data roaming abroad. If you do need to keep it on, purchase an international roaming package while you are away.  Most carriers now have excellent international packages that can be added to your bill on a one off basis, allowing you the flexibility to use your normal package abroad or a set number of minutes, texts and data for a nominal one-off or daily fee. Alternatively, buy an international calling card that will have a set number of minutes or an international SIM card to put in your phone.

Enjoy your holiday

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