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Antigua Luxury Holidays

Welcome to Antigua, a tropical paradise where the sun-kissed shores meet opulent tranquillity. Nestled in the heart of the West Indies, this island gem invites you to discover a world of luxury where pristine beaches, exclusive accommodations, and vibrant culture converge to create an unparalleled escape. Prepare to be enchanted by its 365 beaches, mouthwatering cuisine, and a plethora of experiences that can be tailored towards any discerning traveller. Antigua is a quintessential destination for those seeking a truly exceptional luxury holiday in the Caribbean.

Flight Time

9 hours from London

Time Difference

GMT +4


St. John's


Antiguan Creole and English


Dry season from December to April and can include clear skies and overall pleasant weather. The period from May to November sees slightly increased rainfall, defining the wetter months. Despite the seasonal shifts, temperature variations remain minimal throughout the year, with most of the rainfall typically occurring between June and October.


East Caribbean Dollar

Visas for British Citizens

Top Tips

Antigua has enough beaches for you to experience a different one for every day of the year, but some of the best beaches are only accessible by water. Consider taking an excursion where you can hop on a boat and see Antigua’s true hidden gem’s. 

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