Maldives Luxury Holidays

Crystal clear waters, white sandy beaches, gently swaying palm trees and warm sunny days; it’s little wonder that the Maldives richly deserves its reputation as a favourite among couples and newlyweds.

With an endearing sense of humour, the islanders offer visitors a charming welcome, keen for them to experience the natural beauty of this Robinson Crusoe-style setting. Fine cuisine, stunning snorkelling and intimate iridescent lagoons all make for a unforgettable romantic holiday.

Flight Time

10 hours from London

Time Difference

GMT +4




Dhivehi and English


March is the hottest month in the Maldives, with average temperatures of 29ºC, falling to 27ºC in January. The wettest month is September with an average of 24cm of rainfall.


Maldivian Rufiyaa

Visas for British Citizens

British citizens can acquire a tourist visit on arrival in the Maldives, allowing 30 days stay providing you can show a valid onward or return ticket and enough funds for your stay. It is an offence to stay longer than 30 days without proper authority.

Top Tips

Renowned as the perfect destination for honeymooners looking for luxury amid everything you could wish for in a tropical island paradise.

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