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“God modelled Heaven on Mauritius”, as Mark Twain once remarked, and it’s clear to see his point. A fairly small island bathing in the warmth of the Capricorn Sea, Mauritius boasts golden, powder-soft beaches embraced by coral reefs and fringed with exotic coconut palms bordering translucent sea lagoons. Venture inland and you will discover dramatic mountain ranges, tropical forests, tumbling waterfalls, gently swaying fields of sugar cane, chic hotels, sophisticated cuisine, superb water sports and charming cosmopolitan people with infectious smiles.

Flight Time

11.5 hours from London

Time Difference

GMT +4


Port Louis


English, Creole, French


With a tropical climate, average coastal temperatures in Mauritius range from 22ºC during the winter (May to October), rising to 28ºC during the summer months of December to February.


Mauritian Rupee

Visas for British Citizens

No visa required for UK passport holders.

Top Tips

Mauritius isn’t just for honeymooners; families, watersports enthusiasts, golf lovers and connoisseurs of fine culture and cuisine will all find something to fall in love with.

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