New Zealand

There is perhaps nowhere in the world more enchanting, nor more naturally beautiful, than New Zealand. From the dramatic mountains and forested valleys to the majestic ice floes and glacial lakes and from dormant volcanoes to rolling vineyards, your camera has never been so busy.

Flight Time

London to Auckland: 23 hours / Christchurch: 24.5 hours

Time Difference

GMT +12




English and Måuri


The north is sub-tropical while the south is quite temperate. However, sudden changes in weather can happen in New Zealand. The warmest months are December to February, with temperatures reaching the mid 30sºC; the coldest months are June to August.


New Zealand Dollar

Visas for British Citizens

British passport holders may enter New Zealand as a visitor for up to six months, without the need for a visa.

Top Tips

With an incredible range of outdoor activities and stunning landscapes, New Zealand is great for a self-drive holiday in a luxurious motorhome.

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