What are airports really like at the moment?

While we’ve been talking dream destinations and quarantine-free countries with our customers, one question we’re being asked frequently is, ‘what are airports really like at the moment?’

We all know there are safety measures in place to help airports look after both their colleagues and visitors, but what else can we expect as we prepare to jet off?

As per government guidelines, face coverings must be worn when indoors – just be prepared to remove it for security reasons when asked. All visitors (and most airports are asking that you only enter if you’re flying, unless the passenger needs assistance) must also adhere to 2m or 1m plus social distancing while travelling throughout the airport.

From UV cleaning robots through to PPE upon arrival, we’ve explored what else you can expect before you fly away.

Leeds Bradford

Leeds Bradford Airport has partnered with LiveWell and introduced new vending machines, dispensing refreshments and PPE prior to security – useful if you want to top up your face mask supply before boarding.

The airport has also introduced UV cleaning technology and increased its deep cleaning regime across high touch point areas such as the toilets.

As well as protective screens in place at service desks and reminders to wash hands and social distance, passengers are also being asked to self-scan boarding passes to limit touch points and use contactless payments throughout the airport.


With almost 220k passengers travelling through Heathrow daily, prior to the pandemic, the airport has been incredibly proactive in ensuring its visitors and colleagues are kept safe.

Futuristic UV cleaning robots and rays have been introduced to help kill viruses and bacteria throughout the airport, plus UV handrail technology has been incorporated to the escalators to help with continuous disinfection.

For added cleanliness, self-cleaning anti-viral wraps to security trays, lift buttons and trolley and door handles have also been introduced while other touch points, such as seating, are regularly being wiped down.

As well as the recently announced Covid-19 testing facility, Heathrow has also installed thermal cameras in Terminals 2 and 5 to screen body temperatures as an added precaution, enabling passengers to continue experiencing a seamless, and safe, journey throughout the airport.

Plus, to further limit touch points, the airport has installed touchless water stations ensuring passengers can stay hydrated and is also encouraging everyone to use apps and contactless payments where possible to check in, order refreshments or book parking.


Holidaymakers flying via Manchester Airport can expect additional safety features such as thermal cameras ahead of passing through security, UV cleaning technology being trialled on handrails for increased cleanliness and hand sanitising stations throughout.

While the airport is expecting some elements of a passenger journey to take longer as travellers and colleagues alike get used to the new normal, it is encouraging visitors to check in online and pre-book their security slot to minimise queuing where possible.

As part of its increased cleaning, Manchester Airport is regularly disinfecting all touch points (such as lift buttons, door handles, escalator rails etc) with Citrox, a natural disinfectant, as well as thoroughly cleaning wheelchairs after each use, ensuring all passengers are confident in the health and safety precautions around them.

So, now you know how airports are keeping us safe, are you struggling to decide where to jet off to? Give one of our expert travel consultants a call to chat through your options.

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