Safaris are an exhilarating experience! Rising early and climbing into a 4×4 safari vehicle to go in search of the Big Five, perhaps a lion chasing an antelope or a buffalo at a water hole. Choosing a safari can be as exotic or wild as you like and accommodation style is vast, ranging from luxurious tents to wonderful lodges with all the comforts and facilities you need.

You’ll encounter adventure, wonderful wildlife-viewing locations and thrilling safari experiences. Private guides and exclusive upgrades to individual vehicles are just some of the optional extras available.

And safaris aren’t limited to just South Africa. Take a trip on the wild side in locations across the globe, including the Australian outback, the jungles of India and many more destinations to experience amazing wildlife in its natural habitat. At Ventur Luxury Travel, we’ll tailor your safari to suit you perfectly.

Sri Lanka
South Africa

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